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Terms of Use

Special terms of use for registration on www.diclaro.org

? 1 scope

(1) The following conditions apply to the use of the www.diclaro.org - hereinafter referred to as "our website" - forum. For the use of the forum it is important that you as a user accept the following forum rules and conditions. Registration and use of our forum is free of charge.

(2) By registering, you agree to the terms of use of our website. With your consent, you guarantee us that you will not make any contributions that violate the terms of use.

(3) By using our website, no contract is concluded between the users and us.

? 2 Obligations as a forum user

(1) One of your obligations as a user is that you do not publish any posts that violate these forum rules, public morals or any other applicable German law The following points are not approved:
1. Publish content that is untrue and the publication of which is a criminal offense or an offense,
2. Sending spam via the forum to other forum users,
3. Use of content protected by copyright and trademark law without legal authorization (e.g. press releases etc.),
4. Acts that are anti-competitive 5. Multiple posting of topics in the forum (so-called double postings),
6. to operate own advertising, consequently surreptitious advertising, and
7. Publish content that is offensive, racist, discriminatory or pornographic to other users and the general public.
8. Instruct students to use only their personal teacher ID.
It is your duty as a forum user to pay attention to ? 2 Paragraph 1 No. 1-7 of these conditions of use before publishing your contribution in the forum and to check whether you have complied with these points br>
(2) If you violate ? 2 Paragraph 1 No. 1-7 of these conditions of use, we reserve the right to take the following steps against you:
1. To delete your posts and change them,
2. Prohibition to continue posting in the forum and
3. Blocking access as a user.